No matter a child's age or background, summer learning loss can be a real threat to students' progress if they don't have access to learning opportunities during the out-of-school months. WordPlay's summer workshops aim to reduce this "summer slide" by immersing children and teens in multi-disciplinary creative experiences, giving them the space to read, write, create and connect with peers from around the city. Thanks to the generosity of WordPlay's supporters, these workshops are free to families, keeping summer learning accessible and helping kids stay on track.




Rhythm & Rhymes

Ages 7-12

July 6th-10th 

LIVE SESSIONS (via  Google Hangout): Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 10am

Led by Teisha Murray

Get up and get moving with this unique dive into poetry and dance! Writers such as Dr. Seuss, Shel Silverstein, Roald Dahl and many others have been delighting youth and adults for ages with their whimsical approaches to storytelling through rhyme. This workshop will have students experiencing poetry in a different way: through the use of hip-hop and movement. Engaging and upbeat, Rhythm & Rhymes will have children truly making words leap from the page.

Puppets Telling Stories 

Ages 5-9

June 29th-July 3rd

LIVE SESSIONS (via Google Hangout): Monday, Tuesday,

Friday at 11am

With Terrence Burke

The art of puppetry is decades old, and it's also the perfect way to introduce basic elements of storytelling to young ones. Kids will love crafting their own handmade puppets and creating stories about them, in the process learning about voice, plot and character. Perfect for both shy and outgoing children, Puppets Telling Stories is a great introduction to fundamental reading and writing skills.



W(rites) of Passage: Express Yourself!


Ages 12 & Up

June 16th & June 18th


With Prince Johnson & Simone Yael

As our world evolves, young people face the persistent challenge of defining and redefining who they are, what they stand for, and the strength of a diverse and inclusive community where all are valued and celebrated. This class has a strong focus on character development and expression of personal and community identity.  Students will have the opportunity to work closely with local arts mentors as they discover and share their unique voice.  Teens will explore their own personal narrative through group discussion and multi-genre writing as a foundation for coming to understand each unique voice and examining their roles in larger contexts. . 

Comics and Illustration 

Ages 10-14

June 1st-5th

LIVE SESSIONS (via Google Hangout): Tuesday,

Friday at Noon

With Anjali Alm-Basu


Explore the world of comics, illustration, and storytelling with WordPlay’s Anjali Alm-Basu. Students will learn about creative fiction, character development, and illustration.  Students will also have the opportunity to bring their amazing ideas to life! Storytelling is so much more than just words on a page. Students in this class will learn skills like character development, dialogue, color theory and more. 


My Story, My Voice

Ages 10 & Up

June 22nd-26th

LIVE SESSIONS (via Google Hangout): Monday, Wednesday,

Friday at 11am

With Elaine Olund, Pauletta Hansel, Natalie Villacorta

Calling all young writers to this collaborative exploration of poetry, prose, and creative writing!  Enjoy the opportunity to write and share your works with other teens, while being guided by professional writers- Elaine Olund & Natalie Villacorta.  Discover and share your voice! In this writers’ circle, seasoned writing "masters" will work with student "apprentices" on multi-genre creative writing guided by each student's individual interests. This program is a great place for experienced and new writers alike to explore creative writing of all kinds—poetry, stories, sci-fi, fantasy— anything goes. Sharing is always optional. Come experiment and play with writing without grades or judgments!  

WordPlay offers public workshops during the school year, too! Check out a list of programs offered  in the Fall and Spring.

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WordPlay's mission is to create spaces for young people to fulfill their potential by discovering, honoring and sharing their voices


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