WordPlay's spring workshops immerse children and teens in multi-disciplinary creative experiences, giving them the space to read, write, create and connect with peers from around the city. Thanks to the generosity of WordPlay's supporters, these workshops are free to families.


Special Workshops


Mastering the Personal Essay

with Monique John

Ages 14 & Up

Thursdays, March 10th-24th 




In this workshop, teens will learn to craft effective, emotionally resonant personal essays that lay bare universal truths, life lessons, and coming of age experiences. Students will study critically acclaimed examples and hone the craft by responding to writing prompts. These sessions will leave attendees with the understanding of why mastering personal storytelling is important. It will also make students proficient in a writing form that will make them proficient communicators in their higher learning and professional careers.  

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WordPlay Showcase

with Brandon Isaac

Teens & Young Adults

Wednesday, April 20th




Gather around the stage! Calling all WordPlay poets, vocalists, writers and performing artists, to come speak their truth at our new monthly showcase. It will take place from 6-8pm with food, beverage, and good vibes! Come on out and sign up ! We look forward to having you bless our stage; while we watch you evolve into the artist you were meant to be! Your stories are the future of our community !

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The Secret Sauce

with Brandon Isaac

Ages 10-14

Saturday, April 30th



We all possess the secret sauce. The word genius is often thrown around at celebrities and social media influencers; but we all have our own genius. Some of us just have not discovered our secret sauce. This workshop will be about discovery and finding what your secret sauce is. Your sauce ( genius) can be used in art/performance/making TikTok videos/ or even talking to your crush lol. It does not matter where you decide to apply it. It's all about discovering what's inside of you. In this workshop we will discuss what scares us, brings us anxiety, causes depression, and even humiliates us. We are taught that these sentient parts of ourselves are negative, so we hide them. What if I told you that these emotions are the SAUCE. Lemon pepper baby ! In this open mic style/ group discussion based workshop; student will work together to discover their secret sauce.  At the end of this workshop students will go home with some essential tools for future creations and community building.

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Poetry for the Common Good

with Pauletta Hansel

Ages 12 & Up



Poetry has the power to weave the community together!  Through writing and poetics, people often find creative ways to connect, empathize with each other, and collaborate. We’re excited to invite you to join Pauletta Hansel, who serves as Cincinnati 's first Poet Laureate , and the City’s first Youth Poet Laureate, in this special writing workshop for teens! Poetry for the Common Good is a creative writing workshop which centers on poetry and writing activities that help us build bridges. 

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6 Week Classes


Song-ify! - CLASS FULL


with Hillary Hahn

Ages 6-9

Thursdays, March 17th-April 28th



Join WordPlay for a fun exploration of singing and songwriting!  From silly to sweet, we’ll write songs together and learn to sing them together! 

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Weaving Our Words

An Intergenerational Writing Workshop with Pauletta Hansel

Ages 9 & Up

Mondays, March 21st-May 2nd



In this workshop, we invite people of all ages to use poetry and storytelling to connect across generations. Let’s write together to build curiosity and understanding about other generations! We’ll close generational gaps while allowing ourselves to be surprised as we learn from each other. We welcome families and individuals who would like to engage with people both younger or older than you. We will write together to prompts provided by Pauletta Hansel, with ample opportunities for sharing what we write.

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Writing Funny

The Comedian's Toolbox

with Ben Sandman

Ages 12-18

Wednesdays, March 23rd-May 4th




What makes a piece of writing funny? And how, as writers, do we make people laugh? In this class series, we’ll learn tools to write funny fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.

Program - Writing Funny.png

Comics & Illustration - CLASS FULL

with Anjali Alm-Basu

Ages 10-14

Thursdays, March 24th-May 5th



Calling all artists and storytellers!  Join WordPlay as we learn the basics of writing and drawing comics, while investigating the wide array of genres and styles available within the world of zines, comics and graphic novels. Discover drawing techniques as well as creative writing, with the goal of producing your own comic books and developing a unique voice. In this course, students will also aim to put together a student anthology by focusing on basic publishing and layout.

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Creating Your Children's Book!

with Hillary Hahn

Intergenerational, Ages 14-Adult

Mondays, April 4th-May 16th




Let’s learn how to create a children’s book: from conceptualizing the story to getting creative with illustrations to building a website and selling your first copy! This workshop will not only support students with creative expression through story, but help develop their digital independence online. I’m happy to answer all questions and share my own process in this intimate six-week course!

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Handmade Books for Daydreamers

with Lizzy Duquette

Ages 12-18

Tuesdays, April 5th- May 3rd



Let’s daydream our way into creating beautiful books to collect our creative inklings! In this workshop we will use a variety of bookbinding techniques to create handmade zines, journals, and sketchbooks. Keep track of your dreams, write down your poetry, draw from your imagination and observations from the world around you. Let this practice shape your worldview and give you a sense of excitement about the future! 

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Puppets! - CLASS FULL

with Lizzy Duquette

Ages 6-9

Wednesdays, April 6th- May 4th




Explore the magic of storytelling through puppetry! Using everyday objects, participants will create their own shadow puppets, hand puppets, and rod puppets to take home. You’ll be guided in designing, building, and manipulating simple mechanisms. 

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Ongoing Drop-In Programs - No registration needed!


Inklings Story Circle

Ages 4 & Up

Saturdays, 10-11am

Starting March 26th


It’s storytime at WordPlay!  Join us weekly as we read a book aloud and have fun drawing, writing, or acting it out!  Each week will feature a new book and a guest reader- from whimsy to funny, Inklings is sure to spark your imagination!

Program - Inklings.png

Drop-In Creative Writing

with Kelsey Hawkins-Johnson & WordPlay Teaching Artists

Ages 10-18

Saturdays, 1-2:00pm

Starting March 26th



Join us for Creative Writing hour at WordPlay! We’ll meet weekly to spark inspiration for creative writing, to connect to other youth writers, and to connect with writing mentors.  Find your muse, get creative sparks, and learn all sorts of ways to write.  We’ll also offer performance preparation for students interested in their writing transforming into spoken word or theatre pieces!

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Our spring 2022 workshops are made possible by generous support from these funders as well as individuals like you—thank you!  
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