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Spring Forward


WordPlay envisions Cincinnati as an inspired community of people who learn, thrive and share.

You can make that vision a reality.

Join the WordPlay community of givers.​

Help springboard Cincinnati's young people forward

to discover, honor and share their voices.

Remember how tough reading was when you were first learning?

For a child in the best of circumstances, learning to read may just take time. But for a child who is also facing trauma from external factors like bullying or poverty, learning to read suddenly becomes a much harder milestone to reach. And the longer kids stay behind, the harder it is for them to catch up.​


No matter a child, teen or young adult’s age or background, learning loss can be a real threat to their progress if they don't have access to supplemental enrichment opportunities.

Through careful research, WordPlay has identified a multi-disciplinary sweet spot where the arts, academics, and social-emotional skill building work together to help close the achievement gap between upper- and lower- income youth.

WordPlay provides those enrichment opportunities all year round,

immersing young people in creative experiences with trained teaching artists and giving them safe spaces to read, write and connect with peers from around Cincinnati.





Imagine walking into a school cafeteria, buzzing with the excited voices of students, teachers, families and neighbors. A group of second graders stands at the front of the room, bouncing with anticipation. In small groups, they step up to a pair of microphones to recite poetry by Langston Hughes, which they have memorized. They speak with conviction, with emotion, and use gestures they have rehearsed that demonstrate understanding of the powerful words.


This is WordPlay's Readers Theater program, designed to help boost reading comprehension. It is one of several options offered to local elementary schools, and demand is quickly building for its expansion.

I prefer to speak up than standing down.

I prefer to learn.

I prefer to have an open mind. 



Right now, WordPlay offers creative learning experiences like Readers Theater for up to 1,500 students monthly.

Your support right now will determine how many students we reach in the upcoming year.


Every child deserves a standing ovation for reading and writing.

To make your gift a monthly donation, just check the box during processing. You'll become a member of the Never-Ending Story Giving Club, ensuring the long-term sustainability of WordPlay for Cincinnati’s young people.


can provide 25-50 books for students’ school, take-home and program libraries.


 can provide supplies for up to 15 students in a 12-week workshop.


can provide a skilled teaching artist for one workshop of up to 25 students.


can provide supplies for up to 15 students in a full school-year workshop.


can provide a skilled teaching artist for two workshops of up to 25 students each.


can fully fund all costs for a student to be in WordPlay programs year round.


Thank you for your support. Your gift helps grow WordPlay Cincy’s summertime and school year reading, writing and storytelling programs for children, teens and young adults.

Can't give today?

Volunteer, start your own fundraiser or donate in other ways to support Cincinnati’s young people through WordPlay.

Want to learn more about giving to WordPlay? Please contact Reba Hennessey, Development & Communications Director, at 513-541-0930 or reba@wordplaycincy.org.

WordPlay is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded with a mission to create spaces for young people to fulfill their potential by discovering, honoring and sharing their voices. We provide free creative learning programs to young people across the city, with a focus on promoting self-expression and building social-emotional skills in addition to literacy skills.

Main Office:

2110 Saint Michael Street, Suite 201

Cincinnati, OH 45204

p: 513-541-0930

Northside Writing Center:

4041 Hamilton Avenue

Cincinnati, OH 45223

p: 513-996-0010

WordPlay Cincy is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

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