Dwyer Insurance: Setting Kids up for Access and Opportunities

Dwyer Insurance, a local, family-owned company since 1989, believes in giving back to the community. In September, we were honored to meet with three generations of Dwyers, who were keen to learn more about our impact and to see the transformations underway in a tour our new building at 1556 Chase Ave.

Moved by this experience, the long-time philanthropic family made a generous donation in support of our fall initiative to provide virtual creative youth development programming to children and teens.

Lori Caldwell of Dwyer Insurance Agency visits WordPlay

In the WordPlay spirit of storytelling, we asked the family to share about the history of Dwyer Family Insurance Agency Inc. The company was founded by Dan Dwyer, Sr. in 1989 on the principles of providing superior insurance protection and personal service. In just over a decade after founding, three of Mr. Dwyer's children, Dan Dwyer Jr., Marty Dwyer, and Lori Dwyer Caldwell, had joined the agency and continue to lead with the same objectives.

Now 31 years in, their exceptional commitment to their business practices has led Dwyer to represent several of the best insurance companies in America while adding a second location in Florence, Kentucky to their main location in Monfort Heights, Cincinnati, powered by a team of 15 caring, knowledgeable agents and customer care representatives.

Equally important to the level of service they provide, Dwyer Insurance continues to look for ways to support causes important to their clients and the community. After being introduced to WordPlay by a former board member, their initial research into WordPlay's programs and impact struck a chord right away.

In responding to the question, why donate to WordPlay, Lori Dwyer implores potential supporters: "Dont think about it—do it!" She continues, "WordPlay is helping to ensure young people in Cincinnati have the opportunities to be set up for a successful future."

WordPlay programs blend the visual, performing and literary arts in ways that activate individual strengths, giving children and teens the tools to creatively apply their assets to design a strong future for themselves and explore how they want to contribute to their community. We are deeply grateful to the Dwyer Insurance Agency and their affiliate, Erie Insurance, for believing in this work, and the potential of our next generation to contribute to a future where all can thrive.

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