• Reba Hennessey

WordPlay Cincy Receives ArtsWave Funding for The WordPlay Writers Room

It is an honor to share that WordPlay has been awarded one of ArtsWave's competitive Catalyzing Impact grants for a new pilot project to be launched in the upcoming 2017-18 school year: The WordPlay Writer's Room at Aiken High School.

The WordPlay Writers Room is a new pilot developed with Aiken High School to enhance students' experience, outcomes and celebration of learning and literacy through creativity.

Having partnered with Aiken to provide after-school programming for 5 years,we have developed an "embedded arts" model in a richly redecorated room of the Aiken building, offering WordPlay's school-day presence as an extraordinary opportunity to provide equitable accessto creative programs that EVERY student in the school can benefit from.

WordPlay will also provide all students with school-day access to the new WordPlay Writer’s Room, a dedicated space in the school that will serve as WordPlay’s home base in the school as a “creative opportunity hub” where students can attend regular workshops and self-directed creative projects in the literary, visual and performing arts during study halls, lunch periods, and after-school.​

This pilot is also developing creative experiences with staff in a multitude of ways for grades 7-12 to augment classroom curriculum, reaching every student in the school during class-time.

For more information or to contribute to ArtsWave, please visit www.artswave.org.


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