Summertime Kids grants WordPlay Cincy $1,000

Greater Cincinnati's Summertime Kids grant program recently awarded WordPlay Cincy $1,000 in support of our Scribes teen summer program, Human w(R)ites . This local grant provides opportunity for Cincinnati teens to write freely on their thoughts and feelings about our many rights. This grant will support teaching students to use critical thinking and to express themselves openly and frankly regarding their basic freedoms. This will take place through community building that encourages students to speak without fear of criticism and judgement.

In addition to connecting with other participants from across the city, students will get a chance to collaborate with like-minded teens from Louisville and take a trip to important sites such as the Muhammad Ali Museum.

WordPlay is honored to receive this grant from Summertime Kids in support of strengthening our teen summer programming according to the 5 elements of our holistic approach to working with youth: Personal Development, Innovative Approaches to Learning, Community Building, Creative Expression, and Future Orientation. Together, with Summertime Kids grant, we are able to extend the opportunities for empowerment through education that can be transformative.

The teen summer programs will focus on creative writing and sharing on themes of community building, and current events; as well promoting self reflection, personal development, and goal setting. They will also offer spoken word performance opportunities for interested participants. Finally, open to all ages, a drop-in writing lab will take place. where staff writers will offer a helping hand with any ongoing creative writing project the students may have.

Summertime Kids grants gives to non-profit organizations geared towards enhancing children's education. The Greater Cincinnati grant program is designed to fund innovative education projects for children during the school year and in the summer. The Greater Cincinnati services non-profit organizations, and schools/churches in 8 counties around the Greater Cincinnati area.

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