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Happy Summer from WordPlay Cincy


As we finish another school year, we here at WordPlay want to thank you for your wonderful support which helped our 150+ regular weekly students successfully complete another school year successfully, with 100% moving on to their next grade or graduating with solid plans for their bright and exciting futures.

Lucy Durepos (left) and her friend put their heads together on a final school activity.


School may be out, but our doors are opening for summer. Thanks to your generous contributions this year and during the Close the Gap campaign; our summer programs launch this Monday, June 6th and will run for 10 full weeks (up from 8 last year). We're thrilled to be offering skill-building programs for children in grades K-8 as well as teens in grades 9-12.

Visit our website to learn more about programs, how to enroll, becoming a volunteer, or donating. Everybody is welcome, and we need you!

Teens from Aiken High School made memories in WordUP, led by Theresa Kulbaga.


Beginning this summer, we're thrilled to announce that Saturday Coordinator Francis Pospisil will be taking on more hours here as our official WordPlay Scholars coordinator all week long. (And yes, he'll be keeping his popular Saturday hours as well.)

Joining him is brand new summertime programming assistant Carla [last name] from just down the street at Cincinnati State, and she is pumped to get to be learning in the WordPlay community.

Mr. Francis can't help but grin when he's here at WordPlay.


Last, but not least, we are very excited to share that our very own Pauletta Hansel, who has been WordPlay's esteemed Writer-In-Residence for the past two years, was selected by to serve as a unifier of the Queen City's unique poetic voices. She will be running a teen workshop downtown this summer in conjunction with the Mercantile Library, and looks forward to this opportunity to help youth from all over the city continue to tell their stories.

Cortnie and Pauletta work together beautifully to create a vibrant collage that accompanies their creative writing.

WordPlay's mission is to create spaces for young people to fulfill their potential by discovering, honoring and sharing their voices


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