Volunteer Spotlight: Wabi Tela

Xavier University sophomore, Wabi Tela, is one of our most devoted tutors here at WordPlay. He got involved with WordPlay after making a visit with the Community Engaged Fellows, a community service organization he belongs to through Xavier.

“I got here and I just completely fell in love with the cause,” Wabi said. He has been tutoring at WordPlay for almost a year now.

In addition to WordPlay, Wabi has committed much of his time to several other community service initiatives. He leads a K-6 drama club at Evanston Academy three times per week. He also serves food at Gabriel’s Place, a holistic health center, on Tuesday nights.

In high school he founded Kemi’s Friends, a charity dedicated to collecting and donating clothes to street children in the Democratic Republic of Congo and raising awareness about the violence surrounding coltan mining.

The ambitious 20-year-old comes from a Congolese family and was born in Brussels, Belgium. However, he was raised in Nashville for most of his childhood. Wabi is bilingual, fluent in both English and French.

Wabi decided to attend Xavier University after applying for and winning a community service based scholarship from the school. He is majoring in psychology and minoring in both theater and pre-med. After completing his undergraduate education, Wabi plans to attend medical school to become a pediatrician.

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