Snack in a Sak Saves the Day

WordPlay received a visit this week from Snack in a Sak, a local organization dedicated to donating nibbles to non-profit after school programs. A mutual friend and community non-profit partner, Music Resource Center, connected us to Snack in a Sac just as we were searching high and low for a sustainable way to feed our students, who often come to WordPlay with hungry bellies, rendering them unable to focus and learn.

WordPlay and Snack in a Sak share many values, and the belief in the importance of giving students not just a safe and productive space after school hours, but nourishing food to help their minds as well as their bodies grow.

“Childhood hunger affects everyone. Even mild levels of malnutrition can impair a child's ability to learn. Evidence suggests that by providing meals, programs realize an increase in attendance and improvements in student behavior,” writes program founder, local mom and marketer, Kim Wiest. She and program coordinator, Abby Beyke have been handling Snack in a Sak’s day-to-day operations since their start in January of 2015.

Wiest and Beyke’s mission is to provide kids with nutritious snacks and in turn, prepare them to perform their academic best. The group’s first project was delivering snacks to the Music Resource Center in Walnut Hills. Wiest and Beyke have since expanded their visits to MYCincinnati and for the first time today, WordPlay. We are honored by and incredibly grateful for their support.

For information about becoming a volunteer or donor, visit or call 513-490-6537. Find them on Facebook here.

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