Featured Student, Abigail Noble!

Abigail Noble, a seventh-grader at Hughes STEM high school, is one of many young faces to bestow good spirits upon WordPlay.

The 12-year-old began attending WordPlay in September 2015 after meeting program coordinator, Corey Burdine, during a visit to Hughes.

Although Corey was there to recruit students in grades 9-12, Abigail said her love of writing made her take an interest in getting involved in the program immediately.

“I told my mom I wanted to do it and she was able to get me into the program,” Abigail said.

Inspired by the writing interests of her mother and grandfather, Abigail mostly enjoys writing fiction pieces and poetry. She turned to writing as a means of self-expression.

“I’ve always been so shy about saying what I wanted to say,” she said. She would like to share her writing with the rest of the world, but knows she must first overcome her bashfulness.

Despite her shyness, there is something truly magnetic about Abigail. Sporting an asymmetrical haircut with teal highlights, she wears her individuality with confidence.

While interviewing her, I noticed a book lying beside her called “Bad Girls Don’t Die” by Katie Alender. She explained to me how the book was about a girl named Alexis who has to save her younger sister who has been possessed by a ghost before she harms the family; a very intriguing read for a very fascinating seventh-grader.

In addition to fiction novels, Abigail also enjoys reading informational books. She said she usually reads one book at a time to avoid confusion, and her average reading pace is two days per book.

At 12 years old, Abigail has already discovered potential areas of study for when she gets to college-- specifically, biology, wildlife, journalism and photojournalism.

Abigail and her family plan to take a cross-country road trip this summer, where she hopes to find more inspiration for her writing.

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