Capturing WordPlay in images and text: a letter from WordPlay's beloved media intern, Christa Iw

WordPlay is the non-profit embodiment of the Cheer’s theme song. Every student who walks through the doors is called by name.

Within my short semester as WordPlay’s Media Intern, I have witnessed the creation of innovative and diverse collaborations and programs. These include but are not limited to an extensive after-school program at Hughes Stem High School, and a collaboration with LPK that brought new life to the windowspace and kids reading lounge of the Urban Legend Institute. Consistency in the face of this growth is what keeps students and volunteers alike eager to stay.

I too am excited to be a part of this expansion and cultivation, and am even more excited to introduce this new WordPlay website.

I first visited WordPlay as a tutor three years ago. I was immediately drawn to its energy, its educational color, and left each week feeling a little lighter than when I walked in. The new WordPlay website hopes to capture that spirit.

As an electronic media student at the College Conservatory of Music (CCM), I have had a number of opportunities to donate my time to various organizations both in and out of the Queen City. WordPlay has been a unique experience, and I am happy to have been able to contribute wholly and meaningfully.

After initial discussions with co-directors Libby Hunter and Elissa Yancey, early morning design planning in the CCM labs, and test runs by staff and tutors, we now have a new, modern site that WordPlay can call its online home.

It is a modest upgrade, but an important one. I hope the community that WordPlay serves finds the site to be an effective and simple resource that helps spark even more involvement.

This new virtual space is only a supplement to the ways in which this organization reaches out to Northside and greater Cincinnati. I encourage you to explore the site and then explore the place itself.

WordPlay may very well be the happiest space in Cincinnati.


Christa Iwu

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