Chicago poet and activist Leslé Honoré visits with WordPlay Youth, shares inspiration at free Mercan

CINCINNATI, OHIO—Cincinnati teens have been reading and thinking about the work of Chicago artivist and Blaxican poet Leslé Honoré for months in preparation for her Dec. 5 visit to Cincinnati’s Mercantile Library. WordPlay Cincy community engagement coordinator Desirae Hosley, along with Poet-In-Residence Yalie Kamara, made Honoré’s powerful, unflinching poems the focus of this fall’s work with teens at WordPlay Scribes and Aiken High School, who will be sharing their own work with Honoré as she makes her Cincinnati debut. “The students have been so inspired by Honoré’s work,” says Hosley. “For them to be able to learn about and then meet with and read alongside an activist and artist—or art

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