Plays, Poetry, Puppets and More: WordPlay FREE Summer Programs Promote Literacy Through the Arts

With help from a skilled group of teaching artists, WordPlay’s summer workshops had more than 70 kids dancing, drumming, painting, writing and more, all while building literacy skills through the arts. Highlights included: Liz Wu led a bang-up Drumming & Storytelling workshop. Learning about the unique language of music, young participants created their own percussion instruments, including shakers and rain sticks. They then used these instruments to accompany stories, poems and raps they wrote themselves Spring Starr Pillow led a dramatic Story Play workshop. Energetic days filled with improv games and public speaking exercises culminated in a group performance of Shel Silverstein’s The Giv

WordPlay's mission is to create spaces for young people to fulfill their potential by discovering, honoring and sharing their voices


4234 Hamilton Avenue

Cincinnati, OH 45223

p: 513-996-0010

WordPlay Cincy is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

Funding for WordPlay provided in part by:

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