Join the Never Ending Story Giving Club.

Empower thousands of Cincinnati's young people by making an automatic, recurring monthly donation as a member of WordPlay's Never Ending Story Giving Club. In this club, you'll contribute to building young voices not just once, but twelve times a year (and you can cancel at any time). As little as $8.25 each month will make a deep impact for Cincinnati's children, teens and young adults.




Can provide a student with one week of program supplies each month.



Can provide a student with 2 weeks of program supplies each month.



Can provide a student with all the supplies they need for programs year-round.



Can fully fund all costs for one student in programs year-round.


Choose an amount that fits your budget.

By giving monthly, you invest what makes sense for you, and you make an incredible impact for young people over the course of your membership.

Be part of the WordPlay family.

Join our dedicated family of supporters, volunteers, teachers, artists and neighbors who understand the meaning of making a sustaining commitment for our youth.


Your commitment matters.

A recurring monthly donation, no matter the amount, provides important dollars that WordPlay just doesn't receive through other types of funding. 

Invest for the future.

Sustaining donors like you enable WordPlay to strategically reach more young people and innovate, because we know we have your ongoing support.

Invest now in a child's future.

By investing in the future of WordPlay, you're also investing in helping more and more children, teens and young adults build their futures. Just choose the donation plan that fits your monthly budget, and become a member of the Never Ending Story Giving Club today.

Not quite ready to give on a monthly basis?

Make a one-time donation now to support kids and teens in our programs.

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