WordPlay envisions Cincinnati as an inspired community of people who learn, share and thrive.

You can make that vision a reality.

Join WordPlay's Capital Campaign and help us create a permanent space for building literacy, connection and community through the arts.


You want to increase graduation rates and student success in Greater Cincinnati.


Research shows that students exposed to the arts are FIVE TIMES less likely to drop out.


You want to support a safe space where youth of all ages and backgrounds can learn, grow and build community.


Research shows that students learn better when they feel like they belong.


You want to be a part of WordPlay magic as we continue to build our network of creative, curious and innovative leaders and doers.


As WordPlay's reputation grows, you can make your own place in our history!

1. "The Arts and Dropout Prevention: The Power of Art to Engage." National Dropout Prevention Center, 2017.

2. "Sense of Belonging at School: Defining Attributes, Determinants, and Sustaining Strategies." IAFOR Journal of Education, 2017.

Seven years ago, friendly Northside neighbors came together to welcome a curious newcomer to their community. 

Inside WordPlay Cincy, learners of all ages and backgrounds began connecting in new ways. Some typed drafts of their own stories on vintage typewriters. Some read books while comfortably immersed in pillow-filled clawfoot bathtubs. Together, we constructed an inclusive and fun environment focused not only on creativity and curiosity, but also on caring and community.


By spring 2019, WordPlay’s programs—all free, all the time—reached 1,500 students every month, making intentional efforts to bridge geographic, economic and cultural divides.


And we realized something: we needed more space to support the ever-increasing numbers of young people experiencing our programs. Space where new neighbors, like we had once been, could discover opportunities for self-expression, learning and growth. 

Fortunately, WordPlay has discovered that space. But we need your help to make it a reality. 


Located on Chase Avenue, this 7,000-square-foot freestanding building in the heart of Northside is just a few short blocks from WordPlay's first home, but it's miles ahead in terms of the opportunities it offers.

The new building will:

  • Anchor a vibrant community arts and education district that includes the Northside public library branch, Churches Active in Northside (CAIN) and Happen, Inc.

  • Build on WordPlay’s track record of success in growing leaders and celebrating learning and youth

  • Create ample safe and trusted spaces to meet increasing demands for WordPlay and related programs and services

  • Extend program and partnership opportunities to individuals and organizations aligned with our vision and dedicated to building a welcoming, inclusive and connected community through literacy and the arts


Help write our next chapter.

Major gifts of $10,000 or more come with recognition opportunities, including naming rights in the building. Honor your contribution by naming a program room, meeting area or performance

You choose!

Donations at any level are greatly appreciated! No amount is too small.


 can provide furniture, equipment & tech for program spaces.


can help with the increased cost of program supplies & materials.


can help with the cost of decor & lighting.


can provide funds for utilities, IT systems and phones.


can fund necessary safety features within the building, like fire alarms and security systems.

Major gifts & naming rights

Major gifts of $10,000 or more come with recognition opportunities, including naming rights in the building. Honor your contribution by naming a program room, meeting area or performance space.

Email or call 513-996-0010 for more information.