1556 Chase Ave


At the end of 2019, WordPlay was finally able to make the leap that we had always dreamed of and purchase a permanent home in Northside Cincinnati. Thanks to our friends at CAIN (Churches Active In Northside), we were able to put down roots in the neighborhood that we began in. The building was originally part of a church school, and most recently a HVAC company. We are beyond thrilled to have a permanent home base in Northside and to continue to be part of this community.


What are we raising money for?

Like any good home purchase, there were a number of surprises awaiting us in our new home. We knew that we would need to update all of the building for accessibility including new bathrooms, parking lot grading, etc. The single biggest cost for the new space is coming from the need to add an elevator so we can use all of the space. Due to the pandemic, the costs and timeframe for the elevator have both ballooned as well. We also knew that we would need new heating, air conditioning units, and cosmetics. More surprises came when we measured the door frames and found that they were literally all different sizes and would need to be cut out of the wall and replaced. Additionally, we found that we would need to completely replace both the roof and the decking underneath. This all before we get to the fun part of creating and curating the creative and community centered spaces we envision within the building.


How can you be involved?

One way is by supporting our campaign at This crowdsourcing campaign will directly support the mural we are creating with our partners at ArtWorks celebrating inspirational writers and poets interwoven with the written words of some of our WordPlay students. You can also support our work directly by donating to WordPlay here. Another great way is to stay connected to us by signing up for our e-mail, following us on social media (@wordplaycincy) and sharing our programs with the people in your life that would be interested. Thank you!

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